Staying motivated to work all day relentlessly requires a lot of dedication. However, somewhere along the way, some of us might lose the motivation to work productively because we over-pressurize ourselves and don’t have the right guidance to maintain that level of productivity. Well, fret not, because we are here to help you. We have created a list of some helpful Tips to Stay Productive so that you can stay more focused and complete all your tasks on time. These tips will also help you fashion a proper routine which is very important if you want to be productive.

Check out these tips, and if they help you even slightly, you can thank us later!!

How to Increase Your Productivity?

List Your Tasks for the Day

Tips to Stay Productive

Make a list in the morning or a day before at night of all the tasks that you have to do the next day. This way, you can be mentally prepared for everything you need to take care of. Also, make sure that you align your tasks in the sequence of priority they need to be done so that you can do the important tasks first and the others later. Preparing a list will allow you to make time for everything throughout your day and complete things on time.

Tips to Stay Productive-Prepare a Timetable

Tips to Stay Productive

Align all the tasks that you have to do in a day in a timetable and make sure you complete them as you planned right before the deadline. So that at the end of your day, nothing is pending that you have to put your time in.

Have a Dedicated Work Space

Tips to Stay Productive

If you are working from home, then you might get distracted while working because, unlike at the office, you don’t have a dedicated workspace at home, so there are a lot of distractions around you. So even at home, find yourself a comfortable spot (but not too comfortable) where you can work without getting distracted from the things around you. The place you choose should be isolated without any sounds or things that distract you so that you can work in peace and concentrate on whatever is to be done on the day.

No Devices at Your Work

Tips to Stay Productive

Does it happen with you, too, that you start scrolling on social media, and the time passes by a lot faster than it should? If yes, then it means that you easily get distracted while using your phone and forget how much time it has consumed. So, it is always better to keep your phones away as you sit down to work. If necessary, only use your phone to make work calls to reply to work emails, but other than that, avoid using social media or taking up personal time on your phone while working. This way you will be able to concentrate better.

Breaks are Important too

Tips to Stay Productive

All work and no play make not only Jack but everyone dull. So, take a break! It is important to take some time off from your work like you might have done at your office for tea or lunch. During the break, don’t even think about work, don’t make any work-related calls, etc. You can either take a walk or spend some time alone doing something you like, such as watering a plant, cooking yourself a meal, making tea for yourself, etc., so that you can enjoy this brief break and then get back to work even better and more energetic.

Don’t Work in Your PJs

Tips to Stay Productive

Even though it won’t seem like a necessary thing to do, working in your pajamas will not make you feel productive. If you want to be productive throughout the day, then you have to look productive as well. So just like a regular day, put on your formal or at least clothes that are not pajamas and then sit down to work. That way, you will feel like you are in control of what you are doing, and you may start performing more productively than you did in the past.

Tips to Stay Productive-Allocate Your Time to Things Other Than Work

Tips to Stay Productive

Work is important, but so are other things in life. If you dedicate your whole day to work, you will start feeling dull and exhausted after a while. So, it is important to do something besides work as well. You can take up a hobby if you like. Choose something that makes you happy, like painting, singing, dancing, etc. You can also dedicate some time to working out or practicing meditation exercises to help you feel better and more peaceful. All things allow you to concentrate on yourself and take care of yourself, which in return increases your productivity when you get back to work.

Socializing Should be a Part of Your Day

Tips to Stay Productive

Since we all are spending most of our time at home, it is not possible to go out to work and socialize with people or make friends. But if you have people around you, such as your family members or friends, then make sure that you take out some time for them and not concentrate all your time on work. Of course, you need to denote a usual amount of time for work, but after you are done, you need to find some time to talk to people and spend time with them.

Tips to Stay Productive-It’s Okay to Take Sick Days

Tips to Stay Productive

Just like your office schedule, you are allowed some leaves on days you feel sick, so even while working from home, don’t restrain yourself from taking a leave from work when you don’t feel well. If your health gets affected because of work, then, of course, you won’t be able to perform productively, but that will also impact your work in the following days because you won’t allow yourself enough time to heal and feel better. So, take sick leaves when you feel that you are doing well or you are sick, just as you would while working from the office.

Tips to Stay Productive-Clock Out on Time

Tips to Stay Productive

Being productive does not mean exceeding your working hours or giving all the time you have in your day. It means doing the assigned work well in time in the designated period . So, the one rule of being productive is also winding up your work on time. Finish everything on time so that you have enough time to prepare for the coming day as well.


There is no particular standard for how productive a person should be. Nor there is a way to increase your productivity in a day or overnight. It is a practice that takes time, and you will figure it out eventually. Till then, you can take these small steps to ensure that you are going in the right direction. Small habits & changes in lifestyle result in a big change, and it will make you more active at work. So, follow these tips, and we are sure you will be there in no time.

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