Father’s Day comes once a year, but your dad deserves to be celebrated every day of every year! Since that seems next to impossible, make the most of this day and make him feel special too! We have listed down some Father’s Day gifts for every type of dad based on their personalities. This is surely going to help! Check out the list now.

Father’s Day Gifts Ideas Based on Your Dad’s Qualities

Father’s Day Gifts For the Nostalgic One

Sentimental dads only like sentimental gifts. If your dad likes to go down memory lane now and then, you can give him something that marks a memory. A photo from one of his memorable days, along with a greeting card, will be the best gift for him. You can also give him a customized gift, such as a watch with his name engraved on it. Or you can go for a customized coffee mug with a photo of you and him. There are multiple options for customized photo frames to go for as well.

For the Fashionable One

If your dad is one of the people who love to dress up in the latest trends, get him something that is in the buzz in the market. A colourful shirt, a floral print jacket, a pair of denim that is taking over the internet, or anything that he loves. We are sure that a new pair of shoes will not be a bad idea for him. So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and get him a gift that he will remember forever.

Father’s Day Gifts For the Workaholic

If all your dad thinks about is work, then one thing that will cheer him up is something he can carry to work. A new laptop sleeve is a great idea. You can also buy a new smartphone cover for him so he can use it easily. You can also get him new workplace furniture if he works from home to work more comfortably. These gifts will surely make him feel happy.

For the Stay at Home and Chill Persona

This gift is perfect for the dads who like to stay home and spend their days. You can get your dad a subscript to an OTT platform that he can use all day, every day so that he can spend his time at home and entertain himself. You can also give him a gaming console if he likes to play video games instead of spending his time watching series or movies. This will be one of the best gifts he ever gets on Father’s Day. Start planning now!

For the Bookworm

This gift is great for dads who love to read. This gift is also for dads who love to lecture other people on why they should read! So, make your dad’s wish come true and bring him the book he has been eyeing for a long time. If you can get the first edition, the hard book cover kind of deal, that will be the best. But otherwise, also, you can just bring him about any book, and he will be thankful. Make sure to wrap the book nicely because it is the excitement that will make this gift even more special for him.

For the Tech Savvy

Dads who love to collect to buy new technological devices as soon as they launch in the market are the coolest dads ever. Hands down! So why not get your tech-savvy dad a gift that he will always remember and use. You can give him anything from a digital watch to a sports band, a brand-new laptop, a smartphone to a new tablet, and he will love using these things. If all these items are above your budget, then you can also go for something small like a new pair of earplugs that he can use.

Father’s Day gifts for the Traveller

People who love to travel can never have enough of travelling. So, ask your dad to take some time off (again) from work and give him a trip to one of his favourite places. If he is a solo traveller, then you can just give him a ticket to his favourite place. Or if he likes to travel with his family and friends, then make use of the opportunity and jump ship with all your loved ones. You can plan a spontaneous trip for your family to a place you all have been wanting to go and make the most out of it.

For the Foodie

Well, for dads who love to try out new dishes and cuisines, the best gift is a heartful meal that they can relish. So, there are two ways to go about this gift. Prepare a meal for your dad (or a dish), or you can order something (this is more popular, much easier). You can take your dad to his favourite restaurant and treat him on Father’s Day. Otherwise, if you have the very rare skill of cooking, then you can prepare a delicious meal for him that he will remember for years to come.

For the Caretaker

If your dad is the kind of person who always puts others before himself, he deserves a day off. For someone who takes care of everyone all the time, a day of self-care is the best gift ever. You can give your dad a relaxing massage that he can get and unwind for a while. If your dad is into skincare, then some grooming products will also make up for the day. He will love the surprise. You can also send him for a spa day, and even better, join him for a manicure and pedicure session.

For the Gym Freak

The workout beast dad deserves nothing but gym goodies. If your dad is extremely passionate about working out, you can get him new gear for his gym sessions, like a gym bag, some new weights, etc. You can also get him a whole new stock of his protein and other supplements that he can use. These practical gifts are way better than going something he cannot use. There is also a great range of workout wear available online and offline that you can order for your dad to surprise him and make him feel special this year on Father’s Day.


These are some of the best gift ideas for your dad to celebrate the special day! You can also order cakes online in the Philippines from Florista. ph for your dad. We have an amazing range of Father’s Day cakes online in various flavours such as chocolate, pineapple, and many more. You can also order eggless cakes from our website for your dearest dad and surprise him.

We also have cheesecakes that we are sure he will love and savour. Besides that, you can also get him flowers along with the gift that you choose for him. Buy him his favourite flower bouquet on this special day and wish him the best. Your unconditional love and remarkable efforts will make his day worth it.

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