Growing plants in your house are not easy. Especially if you are a beginner, it will take some time to learn about the basics. However, the best way to learn about planning is to try and do it yourself. To begin planting flowers in your garden, you must always start with Low Maintenance Flower Plants. It is so because they have fewer chances of dying because they require very less care.

To help you out, we have listed down a few Easy to maintain flowers you can start with to get into gardening without any extra effort.

Flower Plants That are Easy to Maintain

Siberian Irises

These plants will grow well in full sun and even in part shade. They tend to bloom the best in early summer. You don’t have to remove the leaves of the flower plants as well. With moist soil, they will grow up to 34 inches tall and 24 inches across. There are many colour variations of Siberian Irises, such as blue, golden, white, burgundy, pink, and purple. These flowers die on their own and mix into the soil to help the next season’s blooms.


Also known as moss rose, Portulaca is a great beginner-friendly flower plant. It grows happily in full sun. Even with average soil, this plant grows with thick leaves. It can also tolerate some level of drought. Usually, people use this plant as a bedding plant. There is another variety of Portulaca as well, which is known as Mojave. It has various colours such as orange, yellow, tangerine, red, and pink. All these cheerful colours make your garden look phenomenal. This plant is very easy to grow from seed. One thing to remember about this plant is that you should not transplant it into your garden during heat waves or extremely cold weather.


This plant is a relative of catnip. It has unscented leaves, so it does not attract felines. This also protects the plant and other plants in the garden that are closely placed to catmint. It is an easy-to-grow plant. Catmint is a perennial herb and has lavender-blue flowers with grey-green foliage. This plant can bloom easily in average soil, heat, drought, and full sun. When you grow catmint at home, make sure you grow it in a pot. Also, try to put edging around it.


Very popular amongst people who love gardening, sunflowers have giant flowerheads and multiple branches. These flowers have a dark brown colour with golden tips. The best part about these plants is that they are pollen-free, which helps them resist infections. They are fine for vases also. You can expect them to grow up to 6 feet high. If you like having sunflowers in your house, you can order them online in the Philippines from We have beautiful sunflower vases that you can order from our website.

Sunflowers add a charming, bright colour to your house and look beautiful when placed in a crystal glass vase. If you already have a wonderful vase, you can order sunflower bunches from our website. Besides sunflowers, we also have an impeccable range of other flowers, such as orchids, carnations, roses, etc., that you can order in a basket, vase, box, or bunch. They are perfectly fit to decorate your house with.

Hardy Hibiscus

These flower plants love the sun. They easily attract butterflies and hummingbirds. Usually, these flowers start blooming late in the summer. They produce massive flowers in beautiful shades, such as white, pink, and red. During winters, these plants look like they have died. However, if you leave them for a while and give them time, they will get back on their feet once the sunlight hits them.


Sedum flower plants are great for late summers. They also flourish well in fall gardens. These plants are resistant to drought and require little to no care. Sedums have large flower heads, bold foliage, and strong stalks. They grow and bloom well if planted in a group.


These are hardy plants. Peonies love the sun and can easily handle around six to eight hours of sun. They have an easy deposition. These amazing smelling blooms grow some of the prettiest and largest flower heads. Just put them in a beautiful vase at your home, and watch them make your place wonderful.

Low Maintenance Flower Plants-Petunias

Petunias grow well all spring, fall, and summer, even in partial or full sun. They can grow in moderate climates and do not require deadheading. Just water them once a week, and you are set. They bloom profusely even with very little care.


These plants are sturdy and very easy to grow. They grow in various colours such as creamy white, bright orange, yellow, etc. These flower plants add a pop of bright colour to your garden.

Low Maintenance Flower Plants-Shrub Roses

Shrub roses can tolerate extreme weather conditions and bloom from spring to fall. They are not at all fussy and look good for years to come.

Low Maintenance Flower Plants-Cranesbill

Cranesbills are also known as perennial geranium. They do not require any care at all. They take a mounding shape and grow dainty and pretty flowers. These flower plants can grow even in spring and summer.


These are some of the lowest-maintenance flower plants you can go for. If you are a beginner, you should always start with these plants. They do not require much care, and you can learn about gardening from these plants. Plus, these plants give such pretty flowers that your garden will feel like it has come to life. If you are a flower person, you can always decorate your home with these flowers and make them look good.

The natural aroma of these flowers will cheer everyone up. The bright hues of these flowers are enough to light up your room and house. So go ahead and start planting these flowers now; we are sure you won’t regret these plants.

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