Who would have thought that the number of roses can also have various meanings? Well, we are here to enlighten you on what different quantities of roses mean so that you can give your special ones the right number. Roses are a great way to surprise your close ones and wish them all the happiness in the world. People often send flowers to each other on special occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, and more. But not everyone knows the Number of Roses & Their Meanings.

But wouldn’t it be so much better if everyone knew? To help you spread the message, we have listed down (in a tabular form, yes, we worked hard for it!) the meanings behind the number of roses you give to someone. We are sure that this information will come in handy. And even if not, you can flaunt your newfound knowledge in front of your peers! Don’t forget to mention where you got that info, though (from us).

Below are Some of the Number of Roses & Their Meanings

No of RosesMeaning Behind the Number
1I fell in love with you at first sight, | You are the single person I love | All my love is for you
2I am deeply in love with you, and you with me | We have a deep mutual affection for one another
3Three Magical Words: I Love You
5Five Magical Words: I love you very much
6I love you & I miss you (six words, one rose for each word)
7I am fascinated with you.
8I support you | I am always here for you | I will be by your side always to help and support you
9I will be with you as long as I am alive | I will never leave you | I will let you go
10I think you are pretty | I find you beautiful
11I treasure you | I am deeply in love you with you | I truly love you
12Please be my steady | Be by my side always | I trust you to be on my side forever
13Let us be friends forever | I am your secret admirer | I have a crush on you
15I am truly sorry | I did not mean to hurt you | Please forgive me for what I did
20I am sincere towards you | I am serious about you
21I am committed to you | You can trust me | I see a future with you
24You are on my mind all day | Every time of the day, I think about you only | You are on my mind 24 hours of the day (one rose for every hour)
36I remember all the time we have spent together | I remember all our lovely and romantic moments
40My love for you is real | I love you with all my heart | I have genuine feelings for you
44I commit that my love for you will never change | I will always love you the way I do now | I can never stop loving you | My love is unchangeable
50We have come a long way with each other | Our love has ripened well | I do not regret a single moment I spent with you | I am so happy that we made it so far with our love and each other
99I will love you till the day I die | I will love you till death separates us | I will never stop loving you | I cannot imagine my life without you
100I am all yours | I am eternally devoted to you | you are my soulmate | I am yours for life | our union is happy | we will be together forever | we will be together for a hundred more years | No one can do us part | We are two souls in love, and no one can pull us apart except death
101You are the only | I only love you with all my heart | All my love is for you and you only | You are the only person I love
108Will you marry me? Will you spend the rest of your life with me? | I want to marry you | I want to be with you for the rest of my life
365Every single day of the year, I love you | I love you throughout the year | No matter which season comes and goes, I will forever love you whatsoever | I cannot stop loving you in happiness and sickness
999My love for you is endless | My love for you will always stay | Our love will stay till the end of the time
1001My love for you is faithful | My heart only belongs to you | Our love will live on forever


These are the hidden meanings behind the number of roses you give to your special someone or loved ones. Even though roses are remarkably beautiful flowers, their beauty says it all, from your feelings of romance to plans. But it is a surprise that their numbers also mean something. Isn’t it? So, to put it simply, the next time you buy roses for a person, you will know how many roses to buy. You can thank us later!

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