Roses are one of the most preferred flowers used for gifting purposes. As beautiful as these roses are, they will dry out in a couple of days. What do you do when these roses dry out? Throw them away? Well, we have a better idea. You can try out one of these DIY with dried roses.


Who doesn’t like a nice-smelling room? It is something that we all wish to have at all times. Imagine when you reach home after a long tiring day and your house is filled with beautiful fragrances. You can make this amazing potpourri yourself using dried rose petals and a few other ingredients. Potpourri can also be used as a lovely homemade gift for your family and friends.

You would require dried roses and a sealable glass container. Once the flower petals completely dry out, you can put them in a glass container and shake them well. Then keep the container for 24 hours in a warm spot. You can also add dried cinnamon sticks and cloves or dried rosemary and lavender. A few drops of essential oils can also be added. Try this method and enjoy the nice fragrance.

Rose Infused Oil

Isn’t it amazing that these flowers not just look and smell amazing but also have many amazing medicinal properties? The benefits of rose oil include an effective increase in skin tone, relieving skin irritation, rejuvenating and moisturizing skin, and relaxing and cleansing the body.

You can use the cold maceration method for extracting the oil. In this method, you put your dried rose petals in a sterilized glass jar and then fill it with a carrier oil. You can use any carrier oil that is beneficial for you. After closing the lid of the jar, place it in a cold and dry place for four weeks. After four weeks, strain the mixture through a soft cloth so that you get pure rose-infused oil. Do try making and using this oil for amazing benefits.

Rose Bath Bombs

Who doesn’t like a soak in warm, fragrant, relaxing water on a long tiring day? Whether you want to soak in warm water to release your stress, spend a romantic evening with your partner or want to prepare the bathtub for the guests coming over, these bath bombs will surely be a hit. Also, handmade things have their special charm. 

To prepare this amazing bath bomb, you would need ½ cup baking soda, ¼ cup citric acid, 1 tablespoon water, dried rose petals, and a mini muffin pan. 

In a bowl, add baking soda and citric acid and mix them. After it is mixed well, add water to the mixture drop by drop and keep whisking fast to ensure it doesn’t react. Once you get the perfect consistency for your bath bomb, add dried rose petals and mix them. After this, add this mixture to the muffin pan, press it firmly, and leave it for 2 hours to allow it to dry. When you need to remove the bath bombs from the pan, flip the pan upside down, and hey, you have your homemade bath bombs with you.

Rose Bath Soaps

These homemade soap bars would make an amazing gift for mother’s day or birthdays. And if you are not a warm, soak person but prefer a hot shower, this would be a perfect choice to help you release stress. It is also super easy to make these. Just get some soap base, dried rose petals, rose essential oil, and a mold of your choice. 

Put some dried rose petals into the mold to be visible on the top. Melt your soap base and add the essential oil to it. Stir well and pour it into the mold. Gently tap the mold to get rid of air bubbles. Now leave the soap to set. Demould and pack it nicely once it is set, and there you are, ready to use your handmade soap bar.

DIY with Dry Roses-Dried Flower Candles

Flowers can help beautify your space even after they dry out. Want to know how? You can make decorative candles using dried rose flowers, which you can use in your house or use as a gift. To make this DIY candle, you’ll need:

  •  soy wax, 
  • cotton candle wick according to the size of your container, 
  • dried rose flowers, 
  • a glass container (a jar, or a glass, or a cup in a shape and size that you like), 
  • essential oils, 
  • dried cinnamon and cardamom.

After you have collected your materials, you can start with this super interesting DIY. You need to begin by preparing your glass jar. Take your glass jar, stick some dried rose flowers and leaves to the inner wall, and place the wick in the center. Now, you need to melt the wax. Add the wax to a container and place it in a saucepan filled with water. Now place the saucepan on the hob and turn on the flame. You should keep stirring the wax occasionally and add a few drops of rose essential oil. After that, pour the wax into the jar slowly. Be careful while pouring as the wax will be hot.  

For a more rustic look, put a cinnamon stick and a few cardamom pods on the top and let the wax cool down. And your candle is ready.

Dried Flowers Wooden Coasters

A perfect fit for your dining table or a gift basket, you should try your hands on making this lovely coaster set. You would need:

  • Art Resin and hardener
  • Six wooden slices
  • Dried rose petals and leaves of your choice
  • Small paper cups

Place the paper cups upside down on a flat surface and place the wooden slices on each one of them. Now arrange your leaves and flower petals on the wooden piece as you want them to look. Prepare the resin mixture in a ratio mentioned on the bottle. Now slowly pour the resin mixture on each one of the wooden slices, carefully covering them and waiting for it to dry. You will have glossy-looking, beautiful floral coasters ready. This DIY is going to be super fun. Do give it a try.

DIY with Dry Roses-Scented Wax Tablets

Having your cupboards and bags smell fresh is great, right? And also, if you get to use those flower bouquets that you received and the flowers are starting to dry out, would it get even better? We have a perfect DIY for this. Try making scented wax tablets using dried rose petals. 

You would need dry rose petals, soy wax, rose essential oil, and a silicone mold. Begin with melting the wax by putting it in a container and then placing the container in a saucepan filled with water. Now place the saucepan over the flame. After the wax melts, pour the wax into the silicone mold with a shape of your choice and add essential oil to it. Then put some flowers on it and let it cool down. Once it completely cools down, you can de-mold it.

You can use this scented wax tablet to keep your clothes smelling fresh. You can place it in a drawer or hang it in a closet. This scented wax tablet can also be used to aid with sleep, boost mood, increase your concentration levels, and to de-stress. These benefits make it worth trying this DIY.

Dried Flowers Shadow Box

This DIY shadow box would make an amazing hanging for the wall, and you can put up the flowers received by your loved ones up there. And it is very simple to put together one. You would need a shadow box, wood print paper, and dried rose flowers. Cut the wood print paper to the size of the shadow box, paste the flowers on it, and after the glue dries out, place the sheet back into the shadow box, and you are good to go.

DIY with Dry Roses-Rose Tea

Rose brewed tea has many benefits and is something you can start having as it is non-caffeinated too. Rose tea can help prevent damage to cells as it is rich in antioxidants. It will also help reduce menstrual cramps and lessen anxiety and distress. To make hot rose tea:

  1. Boil filtered water in a pan.
  2. Add some boiled water to a kettle, swirl it around, and then throw out the water.
  3. After this, add some chopped dried rose buds or rose petals to the teapot and hot water.
  4. Cover the pot and let it steep.
  5. Later, strain the rose petals and serve the tea in a cup. 

You can also choose to have cold-brewed tea if you like it better than hot. Simply add chopped dried rose petals and water to a glass container and place it in a refrigerator. Later, you can strain it and add ice to it.


Flowers are a perfect gift you can give to your family, friends, colleagues, and anyone else. They can also have the flowers with them after they dry out in the form of one of these interesting DIYs. Now, you can order flowers online in the Philippines from You should not miss a chance to make the days special for your loved ones and give them flowers to make the occasions more special.

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